Momentum Partners is a boutique research advisory firm with specialized expertise in investment management, financial services, and related businesses. Founded in 2006, we are based in the greater Boston area.

Momentum Partners publishes Mometrix Reports ™, which provide detailed monthly reporting and analytics, customized to your firm and product line, on the immediate business opportunities in the mutual fund, separate account, and ETF marketplaces. In addition to the robust and detailed quantitative coverage, each monthly report includes qualitative reporting on critical path business issues such as flows to passive v. active products, emerging product packages and investment methodologies, and more. Subscriptions include ongoing access to Momentum’s senior staff, all of whom have served in senior level operating and investment roles in the industry. Sample reports and pricing are available upon request.


Monthly Research Call February 12 4:15 pm EST

Monthly Research Call March 18 4:15 pm EST